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Kuvings's New patented technology
Silent Morning of Kuvings

Kuvings Silent Juicer offers operative environments silently.

Removes seed, skin and pulp from any fruits and vegetables.

Kuvings Silent Juicer will juice up to two times more juice than a traditional high speed juicer using same amount of fruits or vegetables.

J.M.C.S (Juicer Module Comprising System)

Kuvings holds a patent on this technology in more than 50 countries.
A unique patented way to juice!
The world certified Kuvings Silent Juicer does not have the high speed juicer system (traditional juicer system).
It has a slow speed squeezing system, which is giving 100% pure juice without breaking down the nutrients.
The Gold Medal and Special Award in International Invention Fair 2010/2011.

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    Tel 82-53-665-5035, 82-53-665-5036 Fax 82-53-353-0438 E-mail nuctrade@nuc.co.kr
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