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Why we need to drink juice?
A. The modern-day diet

i.  Unhealthy eating habits

1.  Number of households that cook 3 meals a day at home is on the decline.  Mothers have jobs and the pantry is filled with ready-made processed foods.  Many people eat all their meals out.  This environment makes it difficult for people to get proper nutrients.
2.  People try to compensate by taking multi-vitamins but if they drink vegetable juice, they will get the most nutrients.  These nutrients are also better absorbed by the body.

 ii.  Drinking fruit or vegetable juice 3 times a day will give you the most complete nutrients.

1. The key in healthy diet is to eat all the food groups including meat, vegetables, fruits, grains, nuts, etc.
2. Nutrients are not stored in our body for later use.  Except for fat, most nutrients get used up or excreted.  This is critically important to children.  Their growing bodies need a complete supply of nutrients through balanced meals and fruit/vegetable juices.

B. Absorbency is key

i.  Nutrients in juice form are better absorbed by our bodies.  A glass of vegetable juice after each meal will replenish the body of much needed nutrients.  You will also get plenty of fiber which helps to reduce cholesterol and help keep colon healthy.  Actually, our body transforms the food into a liquid form to absorb the nutrients.  So juicing is the best way to help our bodies in getting the most nutrients it can get.

 1.  Fiber sometimes interferes with nutrient absorption in the intestines.
 2.  Too much fiber can cause minerals such as calcium and iron to be excreted before   they could be absorbed by the body.

ii.  Juice is the answer for children

1. Juicing is an easy way to get children to eat vegetables.
2. Too much fiber can interfere with their growth.
3. Fiber could pass through the children’s digestive system way too quickly before all the nutrients could be absorbed.
4. Getting enough fiber is important if children are eating too much meat and processed foods.  However, a healthy diet along with vegetable juice is the best way to provide the key nutrients in children’s growth.

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